Microsoft ‘DeLorean’ is the Future of Cloud Gaming


Cloud gaming may sound like little more than a marketing buzzword, but the idea of running games off of powerful servers and streaming them to small boxes under your TV is incredibly promising. You wouldn’t need to buy costly new consoles every five years, and you could play any game in seconds without running to […]


Dropbox Tweaks its Desktop Client to Significantly Boost Speeds


Dropbox on Friday announced its desktop client is getting streaming sync, a new feature that significantly reduces the time needed to synchronize large files. You can download the new version now from, and the company promises the improvement will be rolled out “over the next couple weeks.” Until now, Dropbox would split its file […]

Amazon Zocalo

Amazon Launches ‘Zocalo,’ a Cloud Storage and Collaboration Service


To the list of companies that are competing with the up-and-coming cloud storage and collaboration services like Dropbox and Box in the enterprise, you can now add Amazon. The Web retail giant, which also happens to be the biggest provider of on-demand computing capacity in the world through its Amazon Web Services unit, today announced […]


Apple Adds Two-Step Verification to iCloud’s Web Apps


Apple on Monday appears to have rolled out a new implementation of its two-factor Apple ID authentication system with, requiring users who have the additional layer of security enabled to enter a special code before accessing the Web apps. With the new implementation, Apple is expanding its two-step authentication security feature beyond Apple ID […]


Microsoft Just Improved Security for OneDrive and

Microsoft announced a trio of security-focused nuggets on Tuesday. First up, is now cloaked in Transport Layer Security (TLS), cryptographic protocols used to safeguard data traveling between users – this works for both outbound and inbound messages. Matt Thomlinson, Vice President, Trustworthy Computing Security, at Microsoft says: “Over the past six months, we have […]