Amazon Leads Techno-Rebellion Against Retail Industry


You walk into a retail store a few blocks from home and see something you’ve been eying for a while on sale. You pick it up, talk to the salesperson, put it down, walk around, think. When the salesperson is not looking, you text the UPC code to 262966, that spells “Amazon” on your mobile […]

MediaBytes 08.20.2007


Click to view today’s MediaBytes video. BUILDING B has received $17.5 million in funding for its next-generation set-top box. The company plans to release a box that merges content available on broadcast television with the niche content available on the web. It is remaining tight-lipped about its plans, but has hinted at using wireless to […]

Happy New Year!

2006, 2007 and Beyond


As 2006 draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to list some of the key insights, take-aways and questions inspired by the “year of online video” and highlight some things to watch in 2007. Self Expression: The big news is that “you” are Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” In a stunning […]

Black Friday Money

TV/Video Web Inversion: It’s Just a Question of When


“Is There an Ad Supported Internet Video Business?” There are only three business models: I pay, you pay or someone else pays. In the media distribution business this is well understood. Networks and stations are ad supported (someone else pays). Premium networks charge a monthly subscription fee (you pay), etc. And, in case you are […]