More Candles, Less Trust?

Don’t Trust Anybody Over 30 (Er, 20)!


They say, “If you remember the ’60s, you weren’t there.” Well, I remember the ’60s–I was in grade school, and it was a very interesting time to be a kid. I clearly remember the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley and the semi-infamous phrase, “Don’t trust anybody over 30.” This was the time of free […]

Sony Mylo

Is Mylo Myth Or Millennial Mainstream?


SONY JUST ANNOUNCED A NEW personal communications device called “mylo” (MY Life Online). It’s a Wi-Fi-based, PSP-shaped Instant Messenger with Web browsing, VoIP phone with MP3/Video playback capabilities. According to John Kodera, a director of product marketing at Sony, “Our mylo personal communicator lets you have the fun parts of a computer in the palm […]


MIPTV 2005 Day 2


Here in Cannes the weather is cloudy and there’s an occasional rain drop or two. And that’s about the state of technology here in the minds of the program purveyors here at MIPTV. Although the show is billed as a “digital content market,” the reality is quite different. I’ve heard comments from, “You can watch […]