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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Releases Office for iPad: Free(mium) Apps Available Now


When Microsoft released its Office Mobile app in June, it finally gave iPhone users a way to view and edit native Office documents on the go. While it worked well, it offered limited functionality. And let’s be honest, trying to do any real work on the iPhone’s smaller screen sounds about as fun as giving […]


Songza Now Gathers Weather Info to Musically Accompany Your Rainy Days

Songza has always been about the feels — about finding the right music to match any moment, whether it’s waking up on a Sunday morning, pre-gaming in your apartment with friends, or moping over a breakup. The service even offers a “3 AM Airport” station that provides relevant jams for when you’re stuck in an […]


LastPass (Android) Can Auto-Fill Your App Log-Ins

You may know LastPass, the cross-platform password manager, as a safe haven for website login details and common form info. Now, as well as playing nice with Chrome for mobile devices, the latest version of LastPass for Android can fill in app login data for you, too. Once it’s updated and you’ve authorized this new […]

App Store

Apple is Testing Related Search Suggestions in App Store


As first noted by developer Olga Osadcha, Apple is testing a related search suggestion feature on the App Store, which started rolling out earlier this week for iPhone users on iOS 7. The new menu, a scrollable bar with suggestions for searches related to the current search, allows users to discover more apps in search […]