Big shakeup coming to Hulu according to ‘confidential memo’


Variety is reporting that a number of changes are coming to Hulu as part of a shakeup that could see CEO Jason Kilar leave the company. Hulu is owned by NBCUniversal, Fox, Disney, and Provident Equity, and according to a confidential memo detailed on the site, its owners are looking to take back control of […]

The Act

The iPad Game That Took 9 Years (And an Epic Disney Fail) to Finish


Edgar, a mild-mannered window washer, is daydreaming of the girl he loves. In his dream, they meet in a nightclub straight out of Casablanca, flirting from across the room. The scene, lovingly rendered in hand-drawn animation on an iPad, is controllable: By swiping your finger right or left, you can control the boldness of Edgar’s […]

Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook adds Sheryl Sandberg as first woman on board


Sheryl Sandberg has become the first woman to join the board of Facebook, the Menlo Park, Calif., company said Monday. The world’s most popular social network had come under fire for not having female representation on its seven-member board of directors. Most of its 901 million users are women, and its second-in-command, Sandberg, is one […]


Netflix And Disney Butt Heads Over The DVD Rental Window


While movie studios including Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox and others are trying to implement rental windows, rental companies such as Netflix and Redbox are looking to bypass them. The rental window is a time period between the day the DVDs go on sale and the day the rental companies can rent them out. Netflix has […]