Kindle Voyage

Amazon’s Kindle Voyage is the Most Advanced E-Reader Ever


It’s hard not to fall immediately in love with Amazon’s new top-of-the-line e-reader. It’s called the Kindle Voyage and it ticks off virtually every single hardware complaint I’ve had about the Kindle Paperwhite. Available for preorder now and shipping in October, it’s selling for $199 and will sit alongside the Paperwhite and a new low-end […]

Kindle Voyage (Leaked)

Report: Amazon is Launching Two New Kindles on November 4


A new Kindle ereader is about to be released, two in fact. A leak has turned up online from Amazon Germany that shows the listing for new Kindle models. There is what appears to be a new “basic” Kindle. This one has a touchscreen and will sell for 59 euros in Europe. More interesting is […]

Kindle App

A Kindle E-Book Flaw Lets Hackers Access Your Amazon Account


Amazon might not have a security issue at Audible but they do have one on their main website. A security researcher has reported, and I can confirm, that Amazon has a security hole on the “manage Your Kindle” page – one which is relatively easy to fix. Thanks to this hole, a hacker can gain […]


E-Readers and E-Books Are Becoming More and More Poem-Friendly


When John Ashbery, the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, first learned that the digital editions of his poetry looked nothing like the print version, he was stunned. There were no line breaks, and the stanzas had been jammed together into a block of text that looked like prose. The careful architecture of his poems had been leveled. […]


Hachette Authors Send a New Letter of Protest to Amazon’s Board

Amazon is at war with Hachette, and it sometimes seems as if it has always been that way. As a negotiating tool in the battle, which is over the price of e-books, Amazon is discouraging its customers from buying the publisher’s printed books. After six months of being largely cut off from what is by […]