MediaBytes 07.06.07

MICROSOFT has unveiled LiveStation, a peer-to-peer television broadcasting application. Built on the Silverlight platform, LiveStation will offer a major feature that Joost currently lacks: live TV. Microsoft is testing the application now, and a final version is due this October. NBC may stop creating original programming for Friday evenings, according to co-chairman Marc Graboff. In Continue Reading →
FACEBOOK officially announced an impressive list of application partners. 65 companies, from Amazon to Microsoft, are creating widgets that users can install on their pages. Facebook is encouraging the use of widgets for transactions and advertising. FACEBOOK also launched a video application that will allow users to create and share videos with other Facebook users. Continue Reading →
AT&T has reached the final stage of eliminating the Cingular brand. Today, Cingular stores will be changed to the AT&T name and logo. CLEAR CHANNEL will launch a mobile initiative in New York today. Listeners of Clear Channel Stations will be allowed to send requests for songs by text message and view playlists on their Continue Reading →
NIELSEN is requesting logs of commercial advertising from cable networks. Nielsen plans to begin rating commercials this fall, but this move suggests that it may be having difficulty implementing the new system. DAILYMOTION will start filtering content using fingerprinting technology supplied by Audible Magic Corp. The software will analyze the audio track of videos, and Continue Reading →
Don Imus
This is not an article about Don Imus’ words, his rights, politics or racial views — it is an article about the speed and power of information traveling around our planet and the technology that enables it. As most of you know, “Imus in the Morning,” Don Imus’ eponymously named radio show has been pulled Continue Reading →

2006, 2007 and Beyond

Happy New Year!
As 2006 draws to a close, I thought it would be fun to list some of the key insights, take-aways and questions inspired by the “year of online video” and highlight some things to watch in 2007. Self Expression: The big news is that “you” are Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year.” In a stunning Continue Reading →