Facebook – Google – Bebo – Paramount – HBO – Nielsen – Scripps – MTV – MediaBytes 12.13.2007


FACEBOOK has opened up Facebook Platform to other social-networking sites in a bold response to Google’s OpenSocial application standard. The social-net will license its model and technology to allow other sites to implement Facebook applications. Social-net BEBO is the first to embrace this new arrangement, claiming to offer the “Open Applications Platform.” We may be […]

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s Beacon of Despair


The first time Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, got into social networking netiquette trouble with his online friends was back in September of 2006. Power users of the nascent site were aghast when suddenly, every thing they did on Facebook was instantly and automatically fed to everyone of their Facebook friends and even […]

Facebook Beacon – Google Wireless – AT&T – Apple iPhone – Verizon – Starcom – AMPTP WGA Strike – MediaBytes 11.30.2007


FACEBOOK has been forced to change Beacon’s default behavior due to mounting criticism and user unrest. Previously a transaction would broadcast to a user’s network automatically if he did not choose to prevent it. Under Beacon 2.0 transactions will not be published until a user actually agrees to it. Ignored requests will greet a user […]