Shelly Palmer on Fox 5

Net Neutrality or Net Brutality?


Shelly Palmer talks about what will happen now that Net Neutrality rules have been replaced by the Restoring Internet Freedom order by the FCC. Hosts: Sukanya Krishnan, Jenn Lahmers. Original Airdate: December 19, 2017

The Death of the Internet: What Happens Now?


Net Neutrality rules were originally enacted to ensure that all Americans would have equal access to a free and open Internet. We can argue about what Net Neutrality rules did and did not accomplish in a moment, but now I want to explore the most sensational of all the post–Net Neutrality fears: the death of the Internet.

Net Neutrality

The End of Net Neutrality Could Be Good for Marketers — And Bad for Almost Everyone Else


The Federal Communications Commission announced that it will vote on December 14 to enact the exceptionally misleadingly titled "Restoring Internet Freedom" order. If passed, it will do the opposite of restoring anything resembling freedom -- it will repeal the current net neutrality rules which were enacted to ensure that Americans would have equal access to the Internet.


FCC to Auction off 10 MHz of Spectrum


The Federal Communications Commission will be auctioning off a slice of national spectrum for the first time in 5 years on January 14, 2014. The block — known as PCH H and in the 1900MHz band — will be opening up at a minimum bid of $1.56 billion. The Middle Class Tax Relief and Job […]