Shelly Palmer Radio Report – September 23, 2011


[wpaudio url=”https://media.shellypalmer.com/wp-content/images/usrn/110923_SHELLYPALMER_GEN_BED.mp3″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Facebook announced even more plans to transform your profile page. In weeks, Facebook will roll out a new feature called the Timeline, which shares your images, videos and activities in an interactive collage. New Facebook apps will also let you share music and movies with friends. In […]


The Cost of Better 911

The FCC is issuing a proposal that hopes to bring our antiquated emergency services hotline into the 21st century. Plans to upgrade 911 to accept text messages and video have been in the works, but costs outlined in the proposal are holding it back. The FCC estimates it would cost $2.68 billion and ten years […]


Comcast Launches Low-Income $9.99/m Internet Access


Comcast launched its $9.99 a month Internet service for low-income families. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski praised the company for providing a service necessary for low-income students to compete in today’s digital job market. Read the full article at arstechnica.com

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – September 21, 2011

[wpaudio url=”https://media.shellypalmer.com/wp-content/images/usrn/110920_SHELLYPALMER_GEN_BED.mp3″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Google’s social networking site Google Plus is now open to the public. A slew of new futures were rolled out with the launch, including the option to stream video chat sessions live. Google’s “Hangouts On Air” is being tested through a select group of users, but will […]


US Government Sues To Stop AT&T, T-Mobile Deal


Everyone says AT&T was surprised. I’m not sure why. Everyone expected some kind of pushback. Although, considering the scope and complexity of the deal, the Obama Administration’s lawsuit to stop the AT&T’s $39Billion acquisition of T-Mobile did come very quickly. What are the issues? “Were the merger to proceed, there would only be three providers […]