Data Doomsday Preppers


While the Boy Scout Motto is, "Be Prepared" – and I was very serious about Scouting back in the day – I am always amused when I happen by NatGeo's "Doomsday Preppers." But I can say with certainty that they are missing the biggest, most obvious threat: Data Doomsday!

Emperor of the Internet


All a motivated cyber-criminal, with designs on being Emperor of the Internet, has to do is target the 1 percenters. Take out the uber-wealthy, or just the super-wealthy, and nothing else will matter. This is going to be a great business for someone.

2015: The Year of On Demand


Technological advancements always empower people to behave differently – what makes today different is that the rate of technological advancement is accelerating beyond our capacity, perhaps even our ability, to react – and this... is new.