Google Glass
It could be a few years before the rest of us get the chance to take our own pair of Google Glass skydiving. Google co-founder Sergey Brin told Bloomberg that the “Explorer Edition” of Project Glass will be delivered to developers next year and made available to the general public a year after that — Continue Reading →
Google Glass
Google co-founder Sergey Brin dropped jaws at the company’s annual developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday morning with an enthralling demonstration of Google Glass, the company’s ultra-intriguing wearable computer project. In case you missed it, here’s what happened: a team of skydivers logged into to a Google+ Hangout and jumped from a plane then sailed Continue Reading →
Inside Google’s secretive X laboratory, known for inventing self-driving cars and augmented reality glasses, a small group of researchers began working several years ago on a simulation of the human brain. There Google scientists created one of the largest neural networks for machine learning by connecting 16,000 computer processors, which they turned loose on the Continue Reading →
Google continues to expand its Project Glass testing with more employees getting the chance to try out the connected specs. TheVerge noticed that at this week’s Google+ Photographers Conference a number of images taken with Google’s glasses were shown off and are of much higher quality than previous samples. Additionally, the first video capture from Project Continue Reading →
 Read the full story at Davide Houle. I am frequently asked about what technology I carry and use.  This is due in large part because I am a futurist and to many people technology and the future are close to synonymous.  That of course is not wholly true, but certainly understandable as it is technology Continue Reading →
Sebastian Thrun of Google says that the company’s Project Glass glasses are best doing what a smartphone does but in a hands-free way. The company executive, who works on Project Glass at Google X Labs, wore a prototype of the now-famous glasses during an interview with Charlie Rose which went online today. Read the full Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] You put on your glasses and look out the window, out in the distance, almost instantly you see the temperature and the weather forecast icons.  A moment later, information about your morning meeting shows up in your field of vision.  You ask for a Google map and Continue Reading →
In a project that channels Geordie LaForge from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Google unveiled concept artwork and video for ‘Glass,’ an augmented reality visor meant to be worn like a pair of space-age specs. Under the supervision of Sergey Brin, the project aims to bring the capabilities of a smartphone to a user’s sight — all Continue Reading →