Google Glass
A new version of Google Glass is coming. Google announced on Monday that current owners of Google Glass, called “Glass Explorers,” will be eligible to “swap out” their existing Google Glass units for the new version. The next version of Glass will finally be compatible with people who already wear glasses via “future lines of Continue Reading →
Microsoft may have missed the first boat on smartphones but it refuses to be left behind in the race to launch wearable devices. The company is testing prototypes for Internet-connected eyewear similar to Google’s Glass, people familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal, underscoring the company’s ambitions to go head-to-head with Google, Samsung Continue Reading →
Google Glass
Mary Lou Jepsen, head of the display division for Google’s notoriously secret hardware innovation lab, Google X–which is building the Google Glass head-worn computer–took the stage at EmTech Thursday to talk about innovation, creativity, and, naturally, wearable computing. While Jepsen apologized a few times for being unable to divulge what, specifically, she’s working on over Continue Reading →
Google Glass Models
With the Galaxy Gear and new Note out of the gate, a rumor from Eldar Murtizan has it that Samsung is now developing a competitor to Google Glass. Glass is Google’s yet-to-be-released take at wearable computing: an accessory that pushes your content into the view of your eye. There’s no actual detail on what Samsung’s Continue Reading →
HP ENVY 17 With Leap Motion Technology
This fall, HP will ship a laptop, the ENVY 17, which will be the first laptop to ship with Leap Motion technology embedded into the hardware. Not only that, but the Leap Motion sensor included in the laptop is dramatically smaller than previous embedded designs. If you’re unfamiliar with Leap Motion, prepare to have your Continue Reading →
Google Glass
As anyone who’s stuck Google Glass on their head knows, controlling its UI via swipes, nods and voice commands can sometimes be… awkward. Now you can do it remotely, thanks to an update to the MyGlass companion Android app. It uses Glass’ so-called screencast experience, which is a way of letting other users see what Continue Reading →
Google Glass
Google Glass should be worth $3.27 billion to Google in 2017, says one financial analyst who has been wearing the device and showing it to investors. Even with zero profit margin, Google should be able to make money from Glass via additional searches, better targeting from increased data collection and revenue share from app sales. Continue Reading →
Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri has been known to have a quirky personality for a long time, offering off the cuff responses to a variety of unconventional requests. Now it appears that Siri is eager to take some jabs at Google Glass, as it responds with subtle and not-so-subtle putdowns on the product when you Continue Reading →
I put the car in park, unplug the phone, and put Google Glass on my face. Within seconds, I’ve got step-by-step directions to a coffee shop down the street beamed directly to my eyeballs. This is what Mercedes-Benz has planned for the future, and not only do they have a functioning prototype, they’re working with Continue Reading →