Social Media
Social discovery and sharing platform Shareaholic released its first report examining engaged social referrals. Since many of us spend an egregious amount of time using social media, the company was interested in answering the question “What is our behavior post-click, when we actually interact with a link one of our friends shared socially?” As such, Continue Reading →
Google Hangouts
Die hard iOS fans are likely heavy duty iMessage users and for good reason. Don’t overlook what Google is doing with Hangouts, though: Hangouts 2.0 for iOS brings some nifty new features, making the messaging app even better on an iPhone than on Android! Google’s Frank Petterson shared news of the updated software on — Continue Reading →
Google Plus
Google Plus, the company’s social network, is like a ghost town. Want to see your old roommate’s baby or post your vacation status? Chances are, you’ll use Facebook instead. But Google isn’t worried. Google Plus may not be much of a competitor to Facebook as a social network, but it is central to Google’s future Continue Reading →
President Barack Obama
President Obama will once again use Google Hangouts to speak to Americans, this time after his State of the Union address next Tuesday. On Friday, January 31st, the president will use Hangouts on Air to chat with three different citizens from the West, Midwest, Northeast, and South, who will be able to ask questions about Continue Reading →
If you’re on Google Plus, Google recently made it possible for anyone else on Google Plus to email you, even if they don’t know your email address. Your name will pop up as suggestions whenever someone in one of your circles starts composing an email. To maintain a level of privacy, that person won’t see Continue Reading →
Google Plus
Google recently unveiled a new Gmail feature – emailing Google+ users whose email address you actually don’t know. Moving forward, Gmail will suggest Google+ connections as recipients when a user composes a new email, without revealing the recipient’s email addresses to the sender until the recipient either replies to the email or follows the sender. Continue Reading →
Google Plus
Advertisers can plug anything they want on Facebook and Twitter for free. And if they pay up, they can take those posts and transform them into “native” ads, so more people can see them. Now Google is trying the same thing with its Google+ social network. The big twist: The Google+ posts that brands turn Continue Reading →
Google Plus
On Tuesday – aka Giving Tuesday – Google will repurpose its video broadcasting service called Google+ Hangouts to help host an online “Hangout-a-thon” that aims to connect those interested in making charitable donations with a worthy cause of their liking. Like a modern-day telethon, the “Hangout-a-thon” will feature celebrities, including  Jennifer Garner, Chris Daughtry and Continue Reading →
Are you looking for help with something and YouTube just isn’t cutting it? It’s time to check out Google Plus. Earlier this year, Google launched “Google Helpouts,” a new video chat helpline service. The program is now open to the public and brings live video tutorials, instructions and services to you through Google Hangouts. Whether Continue Reading →