President Obama

President Obama’s Plan to Destroy Advertising, Marketing, the Internet and All Other Forms of Digital Life


The Obama administration has called for the creation of a Privacy Policy Office to assist in developing an Internet “privacy bill of rights.” The U.S. Commerce Department’s report stopped short of asking directly for privacy legislation. But it is recommending a “framework” to protect people from data collectors. Just the name of this new office, […]

Google Limiting Access


Google will no longer grant access to user data, like a user’s email contact data, to companies like Facebook unless the sharing of information is reciprocated. While Facebook uses Google’s gmail contact data to suggest friends to users on the site, Facebook does not give Google any data in return. As the rivalry between Google […]

Facebook Gives Users More Control


Facebook Gives Users More Control Facebook unveiled a series of new tools on Wednesday, most notably the “Groups” feature, which allows users to create small sub-groups within the site. Groups are closed by default and act as a space for group members to share documents, photos and messages. Facebook will also now allow users the […]

Google Makes Mail a Priority


Google Makes Mail a Priority Google unveiled a new feature for Gmail called Priority Inbox, to help combat e-mail overload. Priority Inbox organizes emails and puts them into one of three categories: “Important and Unread,” “Starred” and “Everything Else.” The new feature also places a higher priority on messages received from contacts that a user […]

Make Telephone Calls via Gmail


Make Telephone Calls via Gmail Google introduced a new service that allows Gmail users to place telephone calls directly from their email accounts. Calls made to phones in the U.S. and Canada are free, and International calls to countries like Japan and Britain are as low as 2 cents per minute. Google’s new service is […]