Google Now

Google Now Beats Siri and Cortana in Head-to-Head Quiz


There is nothing sweeter than pulling out your phone, asking it a question, and getting back the one obscure piece of information you need to settle a debate or win a drunken bet. Smartphones from Google, Apple, and Microsoft all offer a personal assistant who claims to be flush with knowledge drawn from around the […]

Google Glass

The Head of Google X Says ‘Wearables are Tough’

Google’s Web-connected headset, called Glass, is still just in its prototype phase, but its reception thus far has been polarizing. Astro Teller, head of Google X, the experimental division of the search giant that makes Glass, on Tuesday opened up about its challenges. “I have learned, at a certain next level, that wearables are tough,” […]

Liwa Desert

Google’s Street View Takes a Camel Through the Liwa Desert


Google adapted its Street View Trekker, a colorful contraption for capturing 360-degree photos, to rest on a camel so it could capture new images from the beautifully sparse Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi. Street View has been to some of the most iconic, beautiful and remote places in the world, but usually Google’s employees capture […]