The Physical Web

Google’s ‘The Physical Web’ Aims to Make the Internet Of Things App-Less


Google’s Scott Jenson, an interaction and UX designer who left the company previously, only to return to the Chrome team last November, has revealed a project underway called The Physical Web at the company to provide “interaction on demand” so that people can walk up and use any smart devices without the need for intervening […]

Project Ara

Google’s ‘Project Ara’ Phones Can Swap Parts Without Powering Down

As if a Lego-like customizable phone made of blocks wasn’t enough: Thanks to a modified version of Android L software, you’ll be able to swap out parts from Google’s Project Ara modular phone without turning the device off, notes the Phonebloks blog. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to the phone’s display or CPU modules. Everything else […]

Photoshop on a Chromebook

You Can Now Use Adobe Photoshop on a Chromebook


The big knock against Google’s Chromebooks is that they can’t run true desktop-class software, with Photoshop a commonly-cited example. Google and Adobe are now looking to close that gap: the companies have just announced that Adobe’s Creative Cloud software will soon be available for Chromebooks. The first release will be a “streaming” version of Photoshop, […]

Google Glass

Study: Driving and Texting with Google Glass is as Distracting as Phone


The first scientific study of driving while texting with Google Glass found that the hands-free eyewear is no safer to use on the road than a smartphone. “When you look at how fast people react to an unexpected traffic event – how fast they slam on their brakes, we didn’t find a statistically significant difference […]