iPad Air
Sometimes you just need to get to a file, access a program or just check up on something that you otherwise cannot do from your iPad. For most, remote computing starts out being an occasionally used feature on their iPad that slowly becomes more and more useful. The following guide is intended for individuals that Continue Reading →
Facebook recently made it so that videos on your News Feed will automatically starting playing when you scroll by them. It’s annoying and distracting, but luckily, it’s really easy to stop this from happening. Here’s what you need to do. If you’re using Facebook in your browser, head into the drop-down menu in the upper Continue Reading →
iOS 7 Contacts
The trouble with being connected all of the time is that when something bad happens to the data stored on one device, like losing your contact list, it can quickly spread like wildfire across all of your devices. If you do end up losing your contacts, there are some steps you can take to hopefully Continue Reading →
Android vs iOS
You find iOS/Android annoying, and all your friends say Android/iOS is, like, way better. So you’ve finally decided it’s time to switch phones. Let’s do it. Contacts and calendars, from iOS to Android: Android uses your Google account’s contacts and calendars, so sync your iPhone to Google. Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account. Continue Reading →
If it seems like your iPhone battery is draining more quickly than it should, it’s easy to check if there’s a problem with your phone. Head into your Settings app, tap on General, then Usage, and you’ll find two numbers. Usage is how long you’ve actually used your device for, and Standby is how long Continue Reading →
It’s Friday night, and you’ve got a hot date with Netflix and your couch. While you won’t have to fuss over what to wear (pajamas!) or what to eat (popcorn and wine count as a meal, right?), deciding what to watch is another story. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, trying to find Continue Reading →
iPhone 4S
Almost 50 percent of old phones are kept stored away somewhere in the house, MarketWatch reported earlier this year. My own family employs a trickle-down approach where a new iPhone is brought into the house each year, and everyone ends up getting an upgrade. So by the time the oldest phone, which is presently an Continue Reading →
Google Chrome
Got multiple people using your Chromebook, the way I do? Each member of my family has a profile on mine so that everyone can have their own custom experience that synchronizes data with their own Google account. The bad news is that Chrome OS doesn’t support fast user switching, so for my kids to use Continue Reading →