Social Media
Talking about yourself is hard. Doing it in 160 characters or less is even harder. That’s probably why so many of us end up stressed about crafting the perfect professional bio for Twitter – or LinkedIn, Facebook or other social networks. It has to set you apart, but still reflect approachability. Make you look accomplished, Continue Reading →
iPad Air
As the personal computing era draws closer and closer to an end, people are re-evaluating their computing needs and trying to get by with just a tablet. As a result, more and more are choosing to leave their personal computer behind in favor of what tablets like the iPad have to offer. That does not Continue Reading →
Flappy Bird
Did you miss your chance to download the inexplicably popular Flappy Bird before its creator unceremoniously removed it from app stores? No need to threaten to murder him — there is at least one way to get your small-birds-avoiding-pipes fix without spending $90,000 on an iPhone with the game preinstalled. Software developer Ural Özden has Continue Reading →
Welcome to our annual New Smartphone Set Up Guide. Someone thought enough of you to help replace that dumb ol’ brick you’ve been lugging around these past few years. Now what? Out of the box, most smartphones aren’t all that smart. In fact, many can be downright idiotic. Prepping your new pocket ‘puter means some Continue Reading →
OS X Mavericks
When Apple released OS X 10.7 two years ago, it stopped selling operating system DVDs in its stores, stopped shipping recovery disks with new Macs, and switched to downloadable installers for OS X upgrades. These download-only installers have actually worked pretty well—I’ve never had an issue downloading the software from the Mac App Store or Continue Reading →
OS X Mavericks
Apple’s Notification Center feature that debuted in OS X 10.7 offers a central location for notices, warnings, and alerts that applications, the system, and other services might issue you. With this feature you can see incoming e-mail, messages, and App Store updates, among other details from programs that support it, or you can use custom Continue Reading →
When was the last time you looked at your Facebook feed and actually liked everything you saw? For all of Facebook’s fancy algorithms, it can never create the perfect feed for you. Here’s how to declutter that feed once and for all and only see the stuff you care about. Note that most of these Continue Reading →
Google announced a policy change on Friday that lets the company create sponsored endorsements based on reviews it collects from YouTube, Zagat and other Google-controlled sites. In practice, this means that after November 1 (when the policy goes into effect), you may see yourself appearing in ads. Some people will be fine with this — Continue Reading →