Facebook has released a new version of its iOS app, which the company claims that it runs twice as fast as before. This new app is built from the ground up, and it really works faster, plus to view photos you can just tap on the image to open it up. In the older version Continue Reading →
Google Verification
Do you really think security is too much trouble? That no one is ever going to bother with your accounts? Ask former Gizmodo employee Mat Honan if he feels that way after his accounts and devices were wiped clean. That could have been you, and it could have been worse. There are several ways to Continue Reading →
Blackberry / RIM
We all love to point and laugh when bloggers and tech writers tell us what massive multi-billion dollar public companies “need to do” to survive, or how they can easily “be saved.” When the writer offering advice is the co-founder and former CEO of a successful public company, however, his advice might at least be Continue Reading →
Everyone knows how to do a simple Google search, but do you know how to read pages in languages you’ve never studied or track down the location of a friend’s picture they took on vacation ages ago? Google wants to show you more tips on how to get the most out of its search results. Continue Reading →
Chances are that you’ve deleted a file by accident. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to still have it lingering around in your recycle bin, other times you panic after realizing you emptied it three days ago. Undela is a Windows application that seeks to give you a second chance with your deleted files. Read the full Continue Reading →
Many social media sites offer options to help protect your privacy on the Web. You can make your profile private, which won’t allow anyone you haven’t approved to see your information, or you can remove your name from the account and use a different nickname that only friends would look for. However, these changes will Continue Reading →