MediaBytes 08.03.2007

OXYGEN MEDIA has sold the first ads through the Online Media Exchange to Intel. A dozen networks registered for the eBay system in time to consider Intel’s slot request. However, there were no other bidders. This was Intel’s first ad purchase on Oxygen. YAHOO has pledged to challenge YOUTUBE‘s dominance in online video. Yahoo will Continue Reading →

iLove my iPhone

As I have often said, Steve Jobs is the world’s foremost expert in making me buy stuff I don’t need with money I don’t want to spend. In this regard, the 8GB iPhone is his ultimate achievement. It is, by far, the most viscerally exciting, aesthetically pleasing piece of technology I have ever held in Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 06.26.07

AT&T continues to rollout U-verse. The IPTV service is now available in Ohio, the eighth state to gain coverage. U-verse currently has fewer than 50,000 subscribers, but At&T expects to sign up 10,000 new customers per week by the end of the year. ABC plans to fight commercial-skipping with a “Tease ‘n’ Reveal” strategy. At Continue Reading →
TNS MEDIA INTELLIGENCE reports that advertising spending in the U.S. fell 0.3% in the first quarter. Network TV spending was down 7.2% (to $6.1 billion). National newspaper advertising fell 5.3% (to $810 million). Internet display advertising jumped 16.7% (to $2.7 billion). EBAY will begin auctioning radio ads today via its Media Marketplace. Advertisers will create Continue Reading →

MediaBytes – 04/26/07

JOOST is gathering an impressive list of advertisers: Microsoft, Intel, HP, Unilever, Sony, United Airlines and more. Spots will include traditional-style ads and on-screen contextual ads. The FCC is asking Congress to legislate the sale of television on a per-channel basis. The request is included in a report on violence on TV. APPLE‘s iTunes Music Continue Reading →

MediaBytes – 04/19/07

MYSPACE will announce MySpace News. The site will aggregate news feeds from several sites using RSS technology. Users can rank headlines and stories, determining the placement of articles. AT&T has added 15,000 U-verse subscribers already this year. It had 3,000 subscribers at the close of 2006. The IPTV service is available in 200,000 homes, and Continue Reading →

What is Internet Radio?

I am about to do the most technical article I have ever written for general public consumption and I promise not to use one technical word. All you need to know is that everything I am about to discuss can be done by an average 14 year old with a computer and a broadband connection. Continue Reading →
Steve Jobs
By now, everyone in our business has either read or knows about Steve Jobs’s essay, “Thoughts on Music by Steve Jobs.” (If you haven’t read it, click here for my commentary and a full version of the original essay by Mr. Jobs.) The thesis of Mr. Jobs’s essay is that Digital Rights Management (DRM) software, Continue Reading →
I’M HERE AT THE NATIONAL Association of Broadcasters’ NAB 2006 show in Las Vegas, with 80,000 of my closest friends. On the tech side, it may look like business as usual–but if you know what you’re looking at, you can clearly see that versions of Moore’s Law and Metcalfe’s Law are actually starting to change Continue Reading →
Ralph Waldo Emerson
“If a man can write a better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor, though he build his house in the woods, the world will make a beaten path to his door.” This quote is attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, an author, philosopher, thinker and Unitarian minister. He was Continue Reading →