It’s the end of an era: Intel has announced that, over the next three years, it will wind down production of desktop motherboards to zero. The company will continue to supply chipsets for use by third party motherboard manufacturers—the likes of ASUS, ASRock and Gigabyte—but after 2013 it won’t make more motherboards itself, reports Anandtech. Continue Reading →
Mooly Eden steps out of the world of transistors and microprocessors for a moment. “If you want a simple explanation of what we’re doing, just look to Asimov,” the head of Intel’s Perceptual Computing push says, explaining. “Or Star Trek, Star Wars, and Avatar. The ideas have been in science fiction for years, and now Continue Reading →
Lightning Cable
Apple has quietly dropped the price of one of its most expensive accessory cables, along with releasing a shorter, cheaper model. The company now sells its $49, 2-meter Thunderbolt cable for $39. There’s also a new 0.5 meter version (that’s 1.64 feet) for for $29, notes 9to5mac. Thunderbolt is the input/output technology that brings transfer speeds that Continue Reading →
2013 International CES
I’m planning to meet 150,000 of my closest friends in Las Vegas from January 8-11 for the 2013 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Floor Tours This year, ShellyPalmer Digital Leadership™ partnered with the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) to curate and produce Executive VIP experiences and floor tours at the show. You can learn about the Continue Reading →
Intel is reportedly on the cusp of delivering something that consumers around the world have been wanting for a long, long time. Kelly Clay at Forbes reports Intel is going to blow up the cable industry with its own set-top box and an unbundled cable service. Clay says Intel is planning to deliver cable content Continue Reading →
Apocalypse Not
We have become addicted to catastrophes and end of days predictions. We have become, in a word from Gary Alexander: Apocaholics. In a 2007 web essay, Alexander began a long list on Armageddon- that-never-were with the following preamble: Hi, I’m Gary and I’m a recovering Apocaholic. I am currently Apocalypse free for nearly 18 years. Continue Reading →
Mayan Calendar
On December 21, 2012, the world did not end. The end of the Mayan calendar did not bring about the apocalypse as the internet (and a surprisingly large number of people) predicted. The Earth did not collide with Nibiru (aka Planet X), nor did we experience a massive solar flare thrown at us by the Continue Reading →
Communication Skills
How do we prepare ourselves and our children for a future where we are surrounded by ever-increasing intelligent machines? What skills will we need in a future where computers do tasks originally performed by people? There are two skills that computers will have a really hard time mastering in the next few decades. By understanding Continue Reading →
Kids With Tablets
I hope we can all agree that throwing technology at children will not make them smarter. Let’s start there, because we are throwing a lot of technology at kids these days. Computers have made their way into many classrooms. Shockingly (and sadly), not all classrooms and educators, schools and parents stay up to date. Tablets Continue Reading →