Gibson Guitars

Media 3.0 News & Events 02/25/07


I am very pleased to announce that I have accepted the position of Chief Marketing Officer for the Gibson Guitar Corp. Gibson is an extraordinary organization with a visionary management team.  I am honored and thrilled that they have asked me to work with them. Media 3.0 will continue without interruption, as will the fine […]


Television Without Commercials — My Strange TV Week


Aside from working in the TV industry, I am also a television fan and I use vast amounts of the product. In other words, I watch way too much TV! The year is coming to a close and owing to my ridiculous travel schedule, business and family obligations, I just haven’t had time to consume […]

House of Representatives

Election Night – The Emperor’s New Video


November 8, 2006 — It’s about 1:30am on the East Coast. Election coverage is winding down. The Democrats took control of the House and everyone is still waiting to see what will happen with the Senate. Of course today’s really big news is that Verizon will be offering YouTube content on its Vcast and FIOS […]


Clicks Vs. Bricks: Let the Form Factor Wars Begin


THERE WAS AN INTERESTING NEWS item this week in the Wall Street Journal that quoted a sharply worded letter from Target President Gregg Steinhafel, who said that the chain had become aware that “some movie studios have made new-release movies available to download service providers at lower cost” than DVDs, allowing the downloaded movies to […]

Radio Shack

Radio Shack’s Shocking Financial Scam


I love Radio Shack.  I’ve been shopping there since I was a kid.  They have all of the stuff that techno-geeks crave.  Gear, toys, things you can build circuits with .–everything for the wirehead in all of us. That’s the good news.  Unfortunately, Radio Shack (like all retailers) has to compete for your hard-earned dollars […]