Apple Pulls Notification Center ‘Launcher’ from App Store


Apple doesn’t care for apps that let you launch other apps directly from the Notification Center, and has pulled one of the first apps to take advantage of this new functionality now available in iOS 8 from the iTunes App Store. We took a look at Launcher, the app in question, last week, and found […]

iOS 8

Apple is Releasing iOS 8.0.2 in the ‘Next Few Days’


Apple says it’s working “around the clock” on a fix to its 8.0.1 update, which went out Wednesday and proceeded to wreak havoc for owners of the company’s newest iPhones. Apple now says a working version of that update will be ready “in the next few days.” In the meantime, the company has outlined a […]

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – September 25, 2014

Are you debating whether or not to upgrade to iOS 8? Software launches can be buggy, but iOS 8 can do a bunch of cool things iOS 7 can’t – especially when it comes to texting and typing. The best new addition to iOS 8 may be the option to install a third-party keyboard. That […]

Apple Releases iOS 8.0.1 Update, Pulls it Following New Issues


Apple pulled the iOS 8.0.1 update from availability, a fix is likely incoming. For now, it appears to only affect iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users. An Apple spokesperson provided us with the following statement: “We have received reports of an issue with the iOS 8.0.1 update. We are actively investigating these reports and […]

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – September 24, 2014

Third-party widgets have been a staple on Android for years, but they’ve finally made their way to iDevices with iOS 8. Sort of, anyway. Apple still won’t let you install widgets to your home screen, but you can add some widgets to your Notification Center. Here’s what to do. First, make sure all your apps […]