Facebook Messenger
Three years after Facebook acquired Beluga and turned it into Messenger for smartphones, its dedicated chat app got a version specially designed for iPad rather than just running as an enlarged iPhone app. Messenger for iPad features a multi-window interface showing a list of threads and your current conversation at the same time. Messenger had Continue Reading →
Los Angeles school district officials have allowed a group of high schools to choose from among six different laptop computers for their students — a marked contrast to last year’s decision to give every pupil an iPad. Contracts that will come under final review by the Board of Education on Tuesday would authorize the purchase Continue Reading →
iTunes U
There’s surely little Apple loves more than seeing an iPad in the classroom. Being associated with education provides its own brand halo effect. Plus, the even bigger bonus is getting to expose young impressionable minds to your technology and platforms — when they are young and impressionable. As the Jesuits were fond of saying: “Give Continue Reading →
An Apple patent application published on Thursday describes an advanced iPad Smart Cover containing illumination and communication elements that light up to alert users to incoming messages, low battery warnings and other notifications. As published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s filing for an “Integrated visual notification system in an accessory device” outlines Continue Reading →