Writer's Guild of America

The Writer’s Strike: Networked Television’s First Death Match


The WGA went on strike this past Monday and everyone, from blogger to professional pundit, has been talking about which shows will continue to air, which will stop, when, how — some reports have even taken a shot at why. Sound bites and articles written to scare TV fans into abject despair are both useless […]

MediaBytes 11.09.2007


NBC is in talks to acquire Quarterlife, the “TV-quality” series that debuts this Sunday on MySpace. The pending deal has been spurred by the Writers Guild strike and may bring the show to NBC as early as February. Quarterlife is currently scheduled to run for 36 eight-minute episodes online. Show creator Marshall Herskovitz recently expressed […]

MediaBytes 10.29.2007


COMCAST announced the loss of 65,000 basic-cable subscribers in the third quarter, which follows a loss of 95,000 subscribers in the previous quarter. The company is also seeing severely reduced growth in high-speed Internet subscribers. Comcast blames the customer erosion on increased competition from satellite and telephone companies. THE NBA is in talks with Turner […]

MediaBytes 10.02.2007


NOKIA has signed yet another deal that undermines carrier control over mobile media. News Corp., Sony Pictures, and CNN have signed agreements with the handset maker to distribute videos to Nokia phones. The handsets will ship with Video Center, a program which links directly to video content from the partnering distributors. Videos will include short […]

MediaBytes 09.28.2007


APPLE ends the week in the iGutter. Yesterday, the company released an iPhone update targeting users that have installed third-party applications on the device, unlocked it, or otherwise hacked it in some way. The update has rendered some of the phones completely useless, turning them into iBricks. This, absurdly enough, seems to be the intended […]