MediaBytes 07.05.07


APPLE is on the verge of partnering with Telefónica’s O2 to bring the iPhone to the UK. The phone will operate on O2’s 2.5G network, not the faster 3G standard. Reports circled earlier this week claiming that Apple will partner with Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile to release the phone in Germany. CABLE PROVIDERS are preparing to […]

MediaBytes 06.29.07


NEWS CORP. and NBCU announced that Jason Kilar would be CEO of their joint venture into online video. During a conference call, News Corp. COO Peter Chernin backed off claims of a September release for the still-unnamed service, saying it “might not happen” in September. JAMAN, a P2P movie download company that focuses on indie […]

MediaBytes 06.26.07


AT&T continues to rollout U-verse. The IPTV service is now available in Ohio, the eighth state to gain coverage. U-verse currently has fewer than 50,000 subscribers, but At&T expects to sign up 10,000 new customers per week by the end of the year. ABC plans to fight commercial-skipping with a “Tease ‘n’ Reveal” strategy. At […]


AppleTube — Healthy Video Snacks


If you happen to own an AppleTV box and it happens to be connected to the Internet, you can get an up close and personal view of one very probable future of personal media. Go to the settings menu, choose update software and in about 30 minutes your AppleTV will feature video content from YouTube […]

MediaBytes – 06.21.07


APPLE issued two YOUTUBE announcements yesterday. AppleTV’s were sent a software update that added YouTube functionality, and the forthcoming iPhone will feature a special Apple-designed YouTube application. YouTube is re-encoding its entire video library in the H.264 format to reduce battery usage on the iPhone and other mobile devices. 10,000 videos will be ready in […]