Thousands of titles available, for just $8 a month! Content from major movie studios! If you listen to the marketing behind most subscription video services on the Web, you might think you’d never run out of interesting things to watch. But before you commit to a subscription, you might want to consider whether the titles Continue Reading →
Temple Run 2
We’re more connected now than we ever have been before, and we’re only going to get more connected as we move into the future. According to Intel, at the beginning of 2012 there were approximately 2 billion people connected to the Internet. By 2015, Intel expects the number to be over 3 billion and, by Continue Reading →
Look out Apple – Amazon is coming for your music. Yesterday, Amazon announced a newly-designed Web store for its mp3 branch, made specifically for Safari on the iPhone and iPod Touch, which offers bestseller lists, personalized recommendations and Amazon ratings – all the stuff you love from By keeping purchases on the Web rather Continue Reading →
Rolling Stone
In a May 2011 interview with AdAge, Rolling Stone founder and publisher Jann Wenner memorably described magazine publishers’ embrace of the iPad as “premature” and spurred by “sheer insanity and insecurity and fear.” A little under two years later, Wenner Media has decided the time is right for the classic music magazine to embrace the Continue Reading →
Beyond the basic arrow key navigation and space bar to start and stop song playback, there are a few other keyboard shortcuts in iTunes 11 that can be used to help you navigate its features. Since the release of iTunes 11, a few convenient keyboard shortcuts have been revealed that offer quick ways to manage Continue Reading →
iTunes is something a whole lot of folks tolerate. It’s never been the best at any particular thing (except perhaps activating and syncing your iPhone or iPad, where it’s the only official game in town), but it certainly does a lot of stuff. Sometimes slow, sometimes crashy, and perpetually gaining features, it’s the app we Continue Reading →
[powerpress url=”″] iTunes 11 has been out for a while now. While it is, for the most part, really great, there are still a few things I find weird or unusual about it. One such instance is how prominently iCloud songs are featured in my library, even when that music is no longer on my Continue Reading →
Google Music
Google updated its Google Music service on Tuesday with a “music matching feature” that is sure to make streaming music from the cloud more convenient. Google Music can now scan your entire library of music from your computer and match up to 20,000 songs in your cloud library so that there’s no need to upload Continue Reading →
App Store
Apple has launched its Best of 2012 section for the year, listing the top apps, iBooks, movies, music and TV Shows for the year. The section is an annual event that features both Editor’s Choices hand picked by Apple and the top sellers in every category. The iPhone App of the year in the US Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Facebook and Twitter each received noticeable updates today. After a three month beta, Facebook Gifts is now available to all users. Accessed at, you’re now able to purchase real-life gifts for your Facebook friends, from companies like babyGap or ProFlowers, or digital gifts, like iTunes gift Continue Reading →