While Apple shipped 26 million iPads in its latest quarter and Samsung shipped 14.5 million tablets, both up from last year, IDC is warning that the overall tablet market in the US appears to be reaching saturation. “It’s becoming increasingly clear that markets such as the US are reaching high levels of consumer saturation and Continue Reading →
If you want a new tablet but don’t have the money to spare, Amazon has a plan for you. The company recently announced that if you buy a Kindle Fire HDX, you’ll have nine months to pay it off. Whether you want to get the $229, seven-inch tablet or the $379, 8.9-inch model, you’ll only Continue Reading →
Not sure whether to buy Apple’s new iPad mini or Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX? Both are awesome, but here’s why you should go with the Fire. Amazon’s newest 7” tablet starts at $229, a whopping $170 less than the cheapest iPad mini. The Fire is built around an awesome first-party media experience with access to Continue Reading →
Two tablets stand out above the rest of the mid-sized mobile market: Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX. Both are awesome, but you need to pick the right device for you. Here’s why you choose the iPad mini. If you’re invested in Apple’s ecosystem, no other device will make you Continue Reading →
Amazon’s Kindle line of smartphones is a lot like Apple’s television set: A mythical creature that is only whispered of among analysts and supply chain sources but that never actually materializes. But now Digitimes‘ supply chain sources are claiming that next year will finally, at long last, see the debut of the Kindle phone. Specifically, Continue Reading →
Kindle Fire HDX
Amazon seems to be selling a lot of its newest Kindle Fire tablets. But it would like to sell many more. So here’s Jeff Bezos’s newest pitch: Buy a Kindle Fire HDX tablet today, and we’ll give you nine months to finish paying for it. Amazon started pushing its installment plan program this weekend, by Continue Reading →
The internet has made digital media king in almost every realm, but a new study shows that it hasn’t quite conquered the book market. Market research firm Voxburner recently polled 16 to 24 year olds in the UK. When asked if they preferred physical products or digital content, almost two in three polled said they Continue Reading →