Job Search
(This content was originally posted on MENGonline.) I read a great quote from Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin in an old Fortune article: “About 70% try to work on the core efforts of the company… about 20% goes to adjacent areas and expansion, and for the 10%, anything goes.” Google has been using this resource management technique for several years, as Continue Reading →, the subscription-based, ad-free Twitter alternative that is now fully funded and ready for extensive testing (you can find TNW’s profile here), is off to a relatively sluggish start. Diego Basch, currently ‘in between jobs’ after selling his company IndexTank to LinkedIn and briefly serving as the company’s engineering director, has compiled some initial stats, Continue Reading →

What’s Your Job Magnet?

Job Magnet
(This content was originally posted on MENGonline.)  Looking for a job today requires having a “job magnet” for both inbound and outbound marketing. A job magnet helps: Someone find you with a job or project that fits your skills, and You make a strong connection with the recruiter and hiring executive. Here are three questions Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] If you use Klout, the online service that measures your social media influence, you may have noticed a big change in your score this week.  That’s because it has finally made some much-needed changes to its analytics. Since it became popular, the company has taken a lot Continue Reading →
LinkedIn Premium
While many public companies in the Internet space have underperformed in 2012–Facebook, we’re looking at you–LinkedIn is an exception. Just last week, the business networking firm reported $228M in revenue during the second quarter, an 89 percent increase compared to the same time period last year. Aside from pulling in advertising dollars, LinkedIn also relies Continue Reading →
Facebook Globe
(Content originally posted on HLNTV.) Are you surprised that Facebook wants to enter the online banking business? Or become an online stock trader? Or be a place where you can find your next job? Or let you share all your musical likes? Or be your local movie theater? Some might even ask, “Is Facebook taking over the world?” The Continue Reading →