I got a call from a prospective client today. They wanted me to assist them in building a website for their new online business. It was quite a conference call. There were all kinds of really smart people involved. The demo screen shots they created were stunning. Pretty pictures, awesome usability, excellent site architecture ... I was impressed. As the presentation continued they showed me all of the features the site was going to have: social web stuff, news feeds, interfaces to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, data pulled in from all kinds of interesting places, you name it, it was on the list. Continue Reading →
Sarah Palin
David Kernell, the 22-year-old son of a democratic Tennessee lawmaker, was convicted on two charges in the hacking of Sarah Palin’s email account. The crime took place while she was campaigning on the republican presidential ticket in 2008. After four days of deliberation, he was found guilty of obstruction of justice, and unauthorized access to Continue Reading →
On the subject of blogger endorsement guidelines, the FTC said: “The commission disagrees with those who suggest that including in the guides examples based on these new media would interfere with the vibrancy of these new forms of communication, or that the commission should, instead, defer to industry self-regulation,” the commission wrote. “The guides merely Continue Reading →
MediaBytes will return on Tuesday, September 8, 2009. If you’re looking for something to do, how about some self-study courses? You can learn the best tips and techniques for Google, Google Apps, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter online or on DVD. I’ll be back on Tuesday with the top stories in technology, media and entertainment. 🙂 Continue Reading →
Cloud Storage
“Hacker Croll,” an eponymously named hacker, was able to get access to some very sensitive business documents from Twitter’s Google Apps account this week. It was a very high profile hack, and quite embarrassing for Twitter. People familiar with the incident say that the hacker was able to easily figure out the security question to Continue Reading →
Television, the platform, is having a bad year. There are lots of reasons: the economy, consumer control, audience fragmentation/atomization, etc. On the other hand, Television, the art form, is alive and well with more (albeit different kinds of) projects in production than at any time in history. That being said, the long-term viability of big Continue Reading →
Shelly Palmer Digital Living
As most of you know, I am the host of a daily, two-minute show called, MediaBytes with Shelly Palmer. It is not a television show, although it can be seen on TV. It is not a radio show, although it is broadcast on dozens of news/talk radio stations. It is not a video blog, although Continue Reading →