The P.R. Disaster Intensifies


Last week I wrote about the local Saratoga Springs, NY HUD Board public relations disaster. They had done everything wrong by ignoring and then mishandling a problem with bedbugs and providing a “not our fault” response. You can look at the earlier blog and videos for a full account. The Board quickly had to decide […]


What I Learned Working with an Infamous CEO


Re-syndicated from I worked for many years for a company with a long-reigning CEO that many thought impossible to work with.  Yet, I loved working there.  It may have been the best fit for my skills of any of the many companies I worked for. I learned a great deal and used the following […]

Ed Spychalski

Local HUD Public Relations Disaster


This is an educational story about how a problem escalates if not handled promptly and properly. The local HUD Housing Authority Board of Directors in Saratoga Springs, NY is in the middle of a public relations disaster and is fanning the fire with all of the wrong actions. This NBC video summarizes the story. Originally […]


Aware, Intrigued, Purchase, Selling


Successful Companies Turn Individuals into Great Sales People There are only four steps for an individual to become an enthusiastic customer and an unpaid sales person. Just remember: A.I.P.S. Become Aware Obviously, an individual must become aware of your product or service before they can even consider becoming your customer, let alone a sales resource. […]


Persona, the 16th P of Marketing


Every marketer is knowledgeable about the 4 P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place, & Promotion. They’ve been taught in business classes for years. Of course, since marketers can never leave anything simple alone, we’ve been adding more to the litany: Passion People Performance Personal relationships Persuasion Population Positioning Process Profits Projects Purpose I generated this […]