Explain Like I’m Five

Reddit’s Popular ‘Explain Like I’m Five’ Videos are Perfect for Adults


  Until I watched the Reddit video on existentialism, I couldn’t tell you what it meant. Sure, I had heard about the philosophy once or twice, but the actual definition… a bit hazy. Good thing I stumbled across a clever new YouTube series called ‘Explain Like I’m Five.’ The Reddit team makes it easy to understand complicated ideas. […]


To Keep Your Job, You Need to Dance with the Elephants


Every CEO has his/her elephants:  big, powerful and dangerous, especially when they’re charging at you. To survive, let alone be effective, executives need to determine: Who are the elephants? Here’s a 4-step “elephant test,” which generally signifies something that “is hard to describe, but instantly recognizable when spotted,” according to Wikipedia. Step 1.  Look at the organization chart […]

“I’ve Passed All the Tests Except Personality”


I’m quoting a friend who recently was in the hospital for several days. He was poked, prodded and drained of bodily fluids, which eventually provided the positive lab results necessary to get him discharged. He also admits that he may not have been the best patient who the nurses ever cared for. His story reminded […]

Personal Brand

The Five Ps of Job Search


You can apply the Five Ps of Marketing: Product, Place, Price, Promotion and Persona (which is my personal addition) to your job search since you’re basically marketing yourself when in job search mode. Product: How do you prove that your functional skills match the job specifications? You need to prove that you can do the exact […]

Holiday Networking

Give Your Career a Gift this December


Here’s a short piece of advice to create an enjoyable as well as productive success: See your “connector friends” in December. Let’s look at the key words: Enjoyable: Gratifying, satisfying, pleasurable. Productive: Find a link to a desirable employer or client. Success: Deepening your relationships and staying top of mind with the objective of receiving […]