Cheaper, Newer, Better

3 Tips For a Successful Product: Be Cheaper, Better and Newer


You have an idea. Not just any idea, but a brilliant one. You proceed to build it. After what seems to be forever, you are ready to launch. You survey the marketplace to find a million and one products in the market… how will your product be differentiated from the riff raff? Building successful products […]

American Psycho

How to Make Sure No One Throws Out Your Business Card


Food, faith and a lot of hand-shaking. On the same weekend, Portland announced the first-ever national food truck convention and Washington, D.C. welcomed top conservatives — including Sarah Palin— to the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference. Food trucks and right-wing ideology? What could they possibly have in common? Networking. From the Pacific Northwest to the nation’s capital, everyone […]

Before You Boot-Strap Yourself in For The Ride…


Before you execute your million (or billion) dollar idea, be aware that the nature of one’s business affects the process of bootstrapping. Bootstrapping is taking the risk of starting a business on your own money. The truth is that most entrepreneurs aren’t using their own money – it is borrowed from family, friends and the […]


Twitter Opens Analytics Platform to All Users for Free


Twitter has quietly opened up its various analytics tools to the public, giving everyone access to in-depth data about the people and brands who follow them, as well as the performance of their most recent tweets. The change was spotted by Christopher Penn, vice president of marketing technology at SHIFT Communications earlier this week, as […]

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is So Financially Successful that King Quits Advertising


King, the decade-old gaming company that staged a surprising revival through the iPhone and its hit Candy Crush Saga, is abandoning advertising as a source of revenue. Going forward, they’ll be relying solely on virtual currency. (But really, it’s not like they need advertising at this point.) “We’ve grown very fast over the last year. […]