It’s Saturday Night at the Cook County Morgue


I think this lyric from an obscure murder ballad pretty well describes a person’s initial feelings after having been fired. I’m dead. My life is over. I’ll never (fill in your own bucket list here). When someone is fired, one normal response is similar to grieving over their job and themselves. For most people, there’s […]


False Advertising?


I recently saw a high-energy commercial with people dancing and jumping around the video slots at the Saratoga Casino and Raceway not far from my home in Saratoga Springs, NY. The casino looked much more exciting than I remember from my last visit several years ago, so I drove over to see if they’d made […]


Separate Prospecting from Selling to Be More Successful


One of the easiest and most successful processes to increase business-to-business sales is to simply separate what’s normally called selling into two parts: Prospecting and selling, which I define as: Prospecting: Finding someone who wants to talk to you. Selling: Convincing a prospect to do business with you. Let’s look at the two sequentially: 1. […]

3 Critical Questions that Must Be Answered Quickly After Starting a New Job


A few weeks ago my blog presented 8 questions that need to be answered before taking a job, transfer, promotion, or even new client. Friends from the Marketing Executives Networking Group suggested 3 more questions that are important to help new employees flourish once they’re hired, including as a contractor. 1.    What do I need […]

Change In Plans

Stumbling Forward to Achieve Success


Stumbling forward is a good description of the most successful marketing departments I’ve been associated with. Stumbling forward is a can-do attitude more than a process to help overcome problems and surprises. I hadn’t thought of the stumbling forward concept until I read a recent WSJ article by Ben Casselman that used this phrase to […]