Microsoft Updates Windows Phone’s YouTube App, Google Asks for Removal


Microsoft is updating its Windows Phone YouTube app. In a statement to The Verge, the company says it’s making some changes to address concerns from Google. “Microsoft updated the Windows Phone YouTube app to address the restricted video and offline video access concerns voiced by Google last week,” says a spokesperson. “We have been in […]

Twitter on TV

Twitter’s TV Partnerships Have Increased Ratings, Profits

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo took the stage in Manhattan this morning to talk with a crowd of the biggest advertisers and brands from Madison Avenue. He brought up a slide of a recent tweet, featuring a picture of race cars spinning out of control. “Usually when there is a crash at the Daytona 500 the […]


Twitter Expands Tweets to Include Interactive Offer Links


Twitter just unveiled the Lead Generation Card, a new expandable tweet format which allows users to show their interest in a particular discount or offer that’s being promoted by their favorite brand. When a user expands the tweet, they’ll see a description of the offer, as well a small button underneath that will allow them […]

The Platinum Age of TV and the Buzz — All the Buzz — That is Driving It


Wired magazine declared that we are witnessing “The Platinum Age of TV” in its April cover story. This boom time for quality TV, it says, is powered by a “hyper-social, data-driven” approach to new show creation and promotion. “It all adds up to a potentially thrilling new era for television, one that values shows that spark […]

Explain Like I’m Five

Reddit’s Popular ‘Explain Like I’m Five’ Videos are Perfect for Adults


  Until I watched the Reddit video on existentialism, I couldn’t tell you what it meant. Sure, I had heard about the philosophy once or twice, but the actual definition… a bit hazy. Good thing I stumbled across a clever new YouTube series called ‘Explain Like I’m Five.’ The Reddit team makes it easy to understand complicated ideas. […]