How to Conduct a 60-Minute Communications Audit


Marketers love to talk about a company’s messaging and conduct elaborate processes described as communications audits. They’re usually a good idea, but often unnecessarily complex, time consuming, and expensive. You can take these two-simple steps and get a very good understanding of what your employees are communicating about your firm. After all, the most important […]


Are You “Uniquely Useful”?


Re-syndicated from Do you want to get hired, promoted, or “just” keep your job?  The two secret words to achieving these objectives are “uniquely useful.” Useful is fairly obvious:  can you do what needs to be done? Think of this as a pass-fail test. I admit the test isn’t always executed fairly. We all […]

My Favorite Storyteller Is Tom Durkin


Tom Durkin performs 400 original mini dramas during 7 weeks each summer as the announcer at Saratoga Springs, NY historic racetrack. I hope you’ll listen to his call (that’s horse racing jargon for announcing) of Rachael Alexander winning the Woodward in 2009. I was there, and he made a great contest even more exciting. If […]


The King is Dead; Long Live the Clown


Burger King has killed off their advertising mascot, if that’s the right word for a plastic-faced man. During more than 50 years, the king morphed from a sign to an animated character to a creepy part-man-part-super-sized-mask. You can take a look at several commercials on the hubze blog that will make you wonder why they […]


Small Resort City Teaches Marketing Lessons


I live in a small city, Saratoga Springs, NY, whose population and retail business at least double for 7 weeks each year. It’s called “The Season.” The resort retail business model is to: – Rake in profits during this short window plus December and a few special weekends and holidays, and – Try not to […]