‘Wants Are More Important Than Needs’


This statement was made by Adrian Miller, a consultant, author and sales trainer, during a webinar to the Marketing Executives Networking Group this week. While there was a little pushback during Q&A and Adrian had no support beyond her personal observations, I completely agree with her conclusion. Neither of us is dismissing the importance of […]


You Can Learn a Lot About The Economy From a Home Builders Showcase


First, the economy was ok last winter in Saratoga Springs, NY when the local builders association decided that the housing market was strong enough to showcase 19 houses and condos this month. That’s up from 15 homes last year and none in 2009 when the economy was so uncertain that no showcase was held. Second, […]


My Wife and I Are Having a Little Argument about Handwriting


We are polar opposites concerning the need to teach cursive in grade school. Although disagreeing, we both believe that the key issue is whether or not eliminating teaching cursive will reduce a student’s ability to communicate during their lifetime. Even though the news was buried below the fold of the Saratogian, our local newspaper, we […]


Should You Take the Job Offer?


Re-syndicated from Marketing Executives Networking Group There are 7 questions that you need to answer positively before deciding whether or not to take a new job offer, transfer or even promotion. 1. Do you look forward to taking the job? This is the gut check. If it feels wrong, stop right here and run from […]


How to Conduct a 60-Minute Communications Audit


Marketers love to talk about a company’s messaging and conduct elaborate processes described as communications audits. They’re usually a good idea, but often unnecessarily complex, time consuming, and expensive. You can take these two-simple steps and get a very good understanding of what your employees are communicating about your firm. After all, the most important […]