Job Search

Using Google’s 70-20-10 Rule to Manage Your Job Search


(This content was originally posted on MENGonline.) I read a great quote from Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin in an old Fortune article: “About 70% try to work on the core efforts of the company… about 20% goes to adjacent areas and expansion, and for the 10%, anything goes.” Google has been using this resource management technique for several years, as […]

Job Magnet

What’s Your Job Magnet?


(This content was originally posted on MENGonline.)  Looking for a job today requires having a “job magnet” for both inbound and outbound marketing. A job magnet helps: Someone find you with a job or project that fits your skills, and You make a strong connection with the recruiter and hiring executive. Here are three questions […]

Freddy Kreuger

Public Relations Disasters Are a Lot Like a Horror Movie


Whether you’re watching Freddy Krueger or an Alfred Hitchcock movie, there’s a typical 4-step approach that filmmakers take to scaring you half to death: Life is good (the sun is shining) Tension builds (can’t you hear the music?) Tension reduces (your stomach muscles just about fully relax) Disaster quickly strikes (you scream) There’s nothing wrong […]

Just Got Fired

Fundamental Job Search Advice for a Friend Who Just Got Fired


(This blog was originally posted on MENGonline and repeats advice Richard has been giving a friend who got fired last week and has started her job search.) 1.  Spend Three Hours Asking Yourself Why the Last Job(s) Didn’t Work Start with “them.” For the first hour, feel free to put all of the blame on […]

Summer Money

6 P’s of Marketing Help Merchants Gear Up for the Busy Season


I live in a resort town, Saratoga Springs NY, where merchants are using the 6 P’s of marketing to get ready for the summer season when business doubles or triples. PEOPLE Retain: Owners have worked hard to retain their most productive staff. Hours and the best shifts are agreed to. Businesses can’t survive with too […]