Ed Spychalski

Local HUD Public Relations Disaster


This is an educational story about how a problem escalates if not handled promptly and properly. The local HUD Housing Authority Board of Directors in Saratoga Springs, NY is in the middle of a public relations disaster and is fanning the fire with all of the wrong actions. This NBC video summarizes the story. Originally […]


Aware, Intrigued, Purchase, Selling


Successful Companies Turn Individuals into Great Sales People There are only four steps for an individual to become an enthusiastic customer and an unpaid sales person. Just remember: A.I.P.S. Become Aware Obviously, an individual must become aware of your product or service before they can even consider becoming your customer, let alone a sales resource. […]


Persona, the 16th P of Marketing


Every marketer is knowledgeable about the 4 P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place, & Promotion. They’ve been taught in business classes for years. Of course, since marketers can never leave anything simple alone, we’ve been adding more to the litany: Passion People Performance Personal relationships Persuasion Population Positioning Process Profits Projects Purpose I generated this […]


Little Bitty Hamburgers at Great Big Prices


If you read my last blog, you may have already figured out that this was another poster outside my dad’s breakfast-lunch café many years ago. This poster also was published nationally in hundreds of newspapers by Ripley’s Believe It or Not. It’s hard to believe anyone would advertise like this, isn’t it. But it worked […]


World’s Worst Coffee


A question for all you marketers: Would you have approved “World’s Worst Coffee” for a poster at the door of a breakfast-lunch café? Note that the poster was bright yellow with orange letters. Me neither. And neither would the vast majority of my fellow members of the Marketing Executives Networking Group. Why would anyone come […]