Moto X
Fans of the Moto X have so far had just one option to turn to when it comes to customizing the body of their phone online: the Moto Maker, offered exclusively through AT&T in the US, at least for the time being. Right now, if you’re not an AT&T customer ordering online, your choices for Continue Reading →
I love my Galaxy S4, but when Verizon sent me a Droid Maxx to review, I liked the phone so much that I bought one at full retail price. I’m returning it tomorrow, though – everything is not always what you think it is. The headphone jack is not a two-way data port, Jawbone UP, Continue Reading →
Moto X
Price-sensitive consumers may be turned off by the $199 price tag of a Moto X with a two-year contract. But a cheaper version of the product is likely on the horizon. In an interview with CNET Thursday, Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside said that the flagship Moto X is just one of many new devices Continue Reading →
While Motorola’s focus may be on its upcoming Moto X, Verizon unveiled three new phones last week in Motorola’s new line of Droids. The $199 Droid Ultra, the $299 Droid Maxx, and the $99 Droid Mini will replace last year’s line of RAZR phones and are all major steps up over those devices. All three Continue Reading →
Verizon Wireless and Motorola are getting exclusive with their relationship. Starting with the Droid Ultra lineup, Motorola will be the only smartphone manufacturer to build Droid smartphones, Verizon marketing executive Jeff Dietel told CNET on Tuesday. Verizon and Motorola unveiled the Droid Ultra family of products, including the Droid Ultra itself, the Droid Ultra Maxx, Continue Reading →
TiVo’s stock plunged the most in three years after settling a patent dispute with Google’s Motorola Mobility unit, Cisco Systems and Time Warner Cable for $490 million — less than analysts had estimated. TiVo announced the amount this morning, saying it brought the total from awards and settlements related to the use of TiVo’s digital-video-recorder Continue Reading →