Improve Your Job Search by Using Hollywood Pitch Techniques


If you think getting your next job is tough, try selling a movie idea. Since studios are seeing many more ideas than your potential next employer sees candidates, the Hollywood Pitch has been honed to generate an immediate desire to purchase. If you are intrigued with this concept, here’s the first article worth reading: Meet Hollywood’s Mr. […]


Apple Beefs Up iTunes Extras to Add it to iOS 8 and Apple TV This Fall


Apple’s iTunes Extras feature has always been extremely limited, but that’s just changed. Before, only iTunes on the desktop users could view extras that came with movies that were purchased from Apple; things like production stills and deleted scenes. Now, as part of iTunes 11.3 —which went out today — along with a push to […]

Marauders Map

Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map is Now Real, Thanks to The Internet of Things


University of Virginia associate professor Kamin Whitehouse thinks people want to know where everyone is in their house: Who’s taking the long shower? Who left the air conditioner on when they left the house? “Today’s smart home sensors are about appliances, lights, and devices in the home, but not really about the people,” said Whitehouse. […]


Amazon and Warner Bros. Close to Settling DVD Dispute


Amazon and Warner Bros. are close to resolving a dispute that has kept customers from being able to pre-order movies from the studio, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. Home-video customers can now pre-order the DVD and Blu-ray version of “Transcendence,” due out in disc format from the Time Warner studio on […]

Google Glass

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Chain Bans Google Glass


In another setback for Google Glass wearers, a chain of movie theaters is banning the high-tech specs. Tim League, the CEO of Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, tweeted the announcement on Monday (below). Glass owners cannot wear the device inside Alamo auditoriums once the movie lights have dimmed, he explained. In response to questions from other Twitter […]