Amazon Has Stopped Accepting Pre-Orders for Warner Movies


The Everything Store is shrinking again. Amazon customers who want to order forthcoming Warner Home Video features, including “The Lego Movie,” “300: Rise of an Empire,” “Winter’s Tale” and “Transcendence,” are finding it impossible to do so. The retailer’s refusal to sell the movies is part of its effort to gain leverage in yet another […]


Redbox to Close Over 500 Rental Locations This Year


Redbox’s streak of big growth is over: the company says it plans to uninstall more than 500 of its DVD / Blu-ray rental kiosks this year. The move comes after Redbox saw its revenue increase by just 3 percent last year, and The Wall Street Journal says it’s not likely to see better results in […]


Vudu Now Lets You Share Your UltraViolet Library With Up to 5 Friends


Walmart’s Vudu announced that it will introduce a Share My Movie feature that will allow its customers to share their UltraViolet collections with up to five friends or family. Back in the era of physical media, one of the cool things about owning CDs and DVDs was being able to lend them to friends and […]


Kickstarter Brings Hundreds of Films to New Room on iTunes


Kickstarter recently launched a new room on iTunes, featuring “hundreds” of films that have launched thanks to the crowdfunding service. Some notable Kickstarter-funded films in the room include Veronica Mars, Gimme the Loot, Indie Game: The Movie, Putty Hill, Trash Dance, and Buzkashi Boys. Kickstarter took the opportunity to remind everyone that $200 million has […]