Google Chrome

These Are the Best and Worst Browsers for Laptop Battery Life


Ever wondered how much the weight of 10,000 open browser tabs is dragging down your laptop’s battery? Fear not: AnandTech just dug into the particulars with a delightfully detailed test to find out which browser is the biggest battery hog. This information could save mankind(‘s laptop batteries). You really should go read the entire test […]

Mozilla Streaming Stick

Report: Mozilla is Building a Chromecast-Like Streaming Stick


Google’s Chromecast streaming stick could soon get competition from an unexpected source: Mozilla has secretly been working with a partner on a Chromecast-like streaming stick that is powered by Firefox OS. The project was supposed to be under wraps for at least a few more weeks, but Thursday, news started to leak out when a […]

$25 Firefox Phone

Mozilla Has Made a $25 Smartphone That Runs Firefox OS


An iPhone fanboy will sneer at it. A long-term Android user will have unpleasant flashbacks to the early versions of Google’s operating system. But Mozilla’s $25 Firefox OS smartphone is real. I toyed with a prototype Sunday at its debut at Mobile World Congress here, and I have to say, I’m impressed — given the […]


Mozilla to Begin Including Ads in Firefox’s New Tab Page


Advertisements? In my virgin tab page? It’s more likely than you think, new Firefox user. That’s because Mozilla will soon launch Directory Tiles, a program that’ll ensure you see something other than blank squares the very first time you launch the browser. Instead, it’ll populate those spaces with various Mozilla links and, more significantly, sponsored […]

Firefox OS

Mozilla Upgrades Firefox OS to 1.1, Prepares to Launch in More Markets


Mozilla’s HTML5-based open mobile platform Firefox OS, which bagged support from a raft of carriers at the start of this year as a low cost alternative to Android-based smartphones, is gearing up to launch in more markets. New device hardware running FFOS is also incoming, Mozilla said Wednesday in a blog – although it’s not […]