Net Neutrality


Tech Giants Take a Stand Against the FCC Over Net Neutrality


A sizable coalition of technology companies has taken a stand in favor of net neutrality in the form of a letter to the Federal Communications Commission. The group, led by giants including Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, and Yahoo, challenges a proposal the FCC is considering that threatens net neutrality. While the letter […]


Mozilla Offers Up a Fix for Net Neutrality


Mozilla has drafted an alternative to the FCC’s proposal to restore Net neutrality, which would require the commission to take a new approach to defining broadband services. In a filing Monday to the Federal Communications Commission, the developer of the Firefox browser and operating system suggested the FCC start from scratch in terms of defining […]

Verizon and Netflix

Netflix Signs Deal With Verizon to Improve Streaming Quality


Netflix just confirmed that it will pay Verizon for direct access through the carrier’s network, allowing for improved streaming video for customers. According to a brief statement, “We have reached an interconnect arrangement with Verizon that we hope will improve performance for our joint customers over the coming months.” The announcement mirrors a similar peering […]


Report: Google Wants to Offer Mobile Phone Service in Fiber Areas


Many see Google Fiber as an attempt to disrupt the stagnant world of internet service providers, and it now sounds like Google wants to shake up the wireless industry, too. Sources for The Information claim that the search firm wants to offer mobile phone service in Fiber areas. It’s not yet clear how this would […]

Netflix and Comcast

Netflix: We Shouldn’t Have Had to Sign That Comcast Deal


Remember last month, when Netflix and Comcast signed a deal to guarantee fast delivery of the video service’s streams to the cable company’s customers? That’s exactly the kind of deal Netflix shouldn’t have to sign, says Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. That’s the gist of the argument Hastings makes in an essay he has posted on […]