Net Neutrality

Verizon and Netflix

Verizon Denies Report of Netflix Throttling


Have U.S. Internet users’ worst fears just been realized? A new report from iScan Online programmer David Raphael claims to confirm that Verizon, which you might recall helped lead the charge against net neutrality regulations, has begun limiting the bandwidth utilized by certain websites for its FiOS Internet subscribers. In a blog post on Wednesday, […]

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality is Coming to Europe: Is America Next?


Net neutrality is the concept that all Internet traffic should be treated the same by Internet service providers, governments and anyone else who is in charge of providing Internet service. This topic has seen a lot of debate in the United States, especially with the introduction of bills such as SOPA and CISPA, and it’s […]

President Obama on Reddit

What Obama’s Victory Means for Tech


Barack Obama’s victory on Tuesday night has far-reaching fiscal, social, and military implications, all of which are familiar to anyone who kept at least one eye open during any of this year’s debates. But what do four more years mean for tech? Turns out, a lot. While Obama hasn’t indicated that he’ll dramatically change course on […]

George Washington

Obama and Tech: Four More Chronological Years, 500 tech years

The peaceful transition of power is an enduring, unique and wondrous attribute of American Democracy.  Students of history know that back in 1796, when President George Washington decided to decline running for a third term, he wrote a letter to America entitled: "The Address of General Washington To The People of The United States on his declining of the Presidency of the United States."  President Washington's retirement paved the way for a vicious political battle between the Federalists, who favored John Adams and the Jeffersonians who were eponymously named for their candidate.


AT&T will be slapped with net neutrality complaint over FaceTime blocking


Free Press, Public Knowledge, and the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute have informed AT&T that they intend to file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against the wireless carrier for violating network neutrality rules. The complaint will address Ma Bell’s plan to keep certain subscribers from using Apple’s FaceTime video calling on the […]