Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality Rules Previewed


The new net neutrality was previewed on Wednesday before the FCC votes on it later this month. Notably, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski now supports the use of metered-broadband Internet pricing, which he formally opposed. The FCC’s net neutrality proposal has been met with a wide range of reactions from Internet service providers to public interest […]

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – December 2, 2010

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a new plan to help protect consumers’ personal data online. The proposal includes a Do-Not-Track provision that would allow Internet users to decide whether they give sites and advertisers permission to collect personal data about their online habits. The F.T.C. recognizes […]

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – December 1, 2010


[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] While Apple devices don’t traditionally attract corporate clients, JPMorgan Chase & Co. is giving iPads to all of its global investment banking employees. Several other corporations are also considering the iPad for business uses. Is this bad news for the BlackBerry PlayBook?  You bet it is!  In […]

Fox vs. Cablevision

A Tale of Two Streams – Fox vs. Cablevision


Fox and Cablevision have been "negotiating" for the past few weeks about retransmission fees. Simply put, Fox wants Cablevision to pay them a small piece of your monthly cable bill for offering you the Fox Television Network. Just to be clear, both sides agree that Cablevision has to pay -- the fight is about how much. And, not to put too fine a point on it, the stakes are huge because the money is huge.

Google & Verizon's Version of "Net Neutrality"


Google & Verizon’s Version of “Net Neutrality” Google and Verizon have released a proposal that outlines their idea of “net neutrality”, which encourages legislators to enact laws to prohibit Internet Service Providers from discriminating practices, like delaying or blocking access to certain websites. However, the principles outlined in the proposal would not apply to Internet […]