Zuney Tunes


Microsoft has announced Zune, its new personal media brand and associated download service.  There is much speculation about the player and its features. Pundits are weighing in on the validity of the rumored “closed” system (similar to Apple’s iPod/iTunes environment)–good idea, bad idea? There will be video, but not until later, it will be wireless, […]

Microsoft Outlook

Making the Best of a Bad Situation


Outlook didn’t just crash, it crashed and burned.  Nobody I know had ever seen this kind of a problem before.  I called my IT guru and described the problem–dead silence on the other end of the phone.  This was bad, and I knew it was going to get worse. The nuclear option: a low-level hard […]

Halo 2

Halo Goes To Hollywood – Microsoft Style


This article by Seattle Times technology writer, Kim Peterson, tells you some of the facts about Halo 2 and Microsoft’s unusual plans to make it into a movie.  This is an interesting twist on the concept of line extension.  Most video games that have tried to cross over into linear story telling have enjoyed less […]