The Supreme Court Will Decide When Online Rants Become Threats


The US Supreme Court on Monday announced that it will consider a case involving a thorny free speech issue in the digital age: at what point does a statement made on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter cross the threshold from protected free speech under the First Amendment to a criminally actionable threat? The […]


The U.S. Wants to Regulate Navigation Apps and Use in Cars

Getting directions on the road from Google Maps and other smartphone apps is a popular alternative to the expensive navigation aids included in some cars. The apps are also a gray area when it comes to laws banning the use of cellphones or texting while driving. The Transportation Department wants to enter the argument. The […]

Big Brother is Watching You

11th Circuit Court: Police Need a Warrant for Cell Phone Location Tracking


The Eleventh Circuit created a circuit split on Wednesday on whether the Fourth Amendment protects historical cell-site information. Last year, the Fifth Circuit held that it doesn’t; today the Eleventh Circuit held that it does. The Eleventh Circuit’s opinion is premised on the idea that some facts are inherently private. If the government learns those […]

United States Court of Appeals

Court Upholds Right to Record Police Traffic Stops


A Federal appellate court recently upheld the constitutional right to record police traffic stops, which allowed a lawsuit against several New Hampshire police officers to proceed. The court case stemmed from an event on the evening of March 24, 2010. Former Weare, NH police sergeant Joseph Kelley pulled over a motorist, and Carla Gericke attempted to […]


Facebook’s ‘I’m a Voter’ Feature is Going Global


When Americans voted to renew President Barack Obama’s lease on the White House in November 2012, more than 9 million citizens took to Facebook to click the “I’m a Voter” button, showing their online friends that they had cast a ballot. The social media site plans to offer versions of the feature around the world […]