Joe Manchin

U.S. Senator Who Wanted to Ban Bitcoin Has Backed Off a Bit


A previous outspoken critic of Bitcoin says he’s starting to come around on the virtual currency, one month to the day after he called on regulators to ban it. In an interview with the Washington Post, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) said recent moves by the Internal Revenue Service, private Bitcoin entrepreneurs and other government […]

Turkey and YouTube

Turkey Has Blocked Access to YouTube

After cutting off Twitter access within its borders, Turkey is now blocking its citizens from visiting YouTube. The latest act of internet censorship comes only one day after a Turkish court ordered the government to lift its Twitter ban and temporarily restore access to the service. Turkey is accused of blocking internet sites to stifle […]

President Obama

President Obama Announces Plan to Reform for NSA Data Collection

President Barack Obama has officially announced his plan to reform the National Security Agency’s collection of phone records. Under his new proposal, the agency would no longer keep a database holding a large percentage of all American call records. Instead, phone companies like AT&T and Verizon would keep them for the same length of time […]

President Obama

President Obama to Propose an End to NSA’s Bulk Data Collection


The Obama administration is preparing to unveil a legislative proposal for a far-reaching overhaul of the National Security Agency’s once-secret bulk phone records program in a way that — if approved by Congress — would end the aspect that has most alarmed privacy advocates since its existence was leaked last year, according to senior administration […]