The strategic deal struck Monday between AOL Platforms and French agency Havas’ programmatic trading desk Affiperf benefits both parties: AOL Platforms gets sell-in with Havas’ clients and Havas can unify media assets for marketers in a central hub – ONE By AOL. This is AOL’s second major agency deal since March, when it debuted ONE Continue Reading →
Programmatic Buying
In general, I’m a huge fan of making the buying and selling of digital ads more efficient and effective. This desire to continually evolve and improve the buy and sell process is one of the many reasons why the promise of programmatic buying is so compelling. Through automation and machine-based decisioning, programmatic can create efficiencies Continue Reading →
Hulu, Condé Nast Entertainment and other members of the digital video and television industry laid out their measurement and monetization challenges on Wednesday at VideoNuze’s Online Video Advertising Summit. Brands and publishers are well aware of the growing popularity of applying programmatic to direct buys. Hulu for instance has reportedly beta-tested a programmatic exchange for Continue Reading →
  When Comcast’s ad sales division Spotlight revealed a partner deal with Rubicon Project earlier this month, it underscored the multiple system operator’s (MSO) push to power the TV buy through both programmatic and direct sales channels. It was a pivotal moment for Comcast. Digital advertisers for the first time could buy against 19 million Continue Reading →
Programmatic Buying
When Pam Horan, President of the Online Publishers Association (OPA), wrote in December 2012 that “programmatic buying does not build brands”, few would have disagreed. Today, times have changed as big data, programmatic buying and real-time bidding have collectively paved the way for a new generation of brand opportunities online. Recognising the growing shift in Continue Reading →
Programmatic Buying
It’s a tradition as revered as turkey on Thanksgiving and baseball in the summer: ad agencies dumping budget at the end of each quarter so they won’t lose it at the beginning of the next. “There’s an artificial market dynamic that resets every month in programmatic where at the end of every quarter, we see Continue Reading →
Two hundred milliseconds is hard to imagine. This tiny fraction of time is two hundred thousandths of a second – about as much time as it takes to blink. Digital ad inventory is now traded in this extremely short increment of time, thanks to the availability of automation, data, analytics and real-time technology. Despite the Continue Reading →