Microsoft recently partnered with Research in Motion to bring Bing to all BlackBerry devices. The company is trying to compete with Google’s search integration on mobile devices and Bing is slowly gaining ground. Will partnering with RIM make Microsoft’s search experience compete with Google? Read the full article at   Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] A recent Neilsen report reveals that for the first time in twenty years, fewer Americans own TVs. While there were only about one million less television households this year, Neilsen believes it represents a larger trend. Internet video consumption will continue to cut into television use. In Continue Reading →
With all the hype around the advent of 4G, I thought it might be a good idea to look at the real differences between 3G and 4G devices, how they interface with 3G and 4G Wireless Networks, and offer some insights that might help you sort out what you actually need right now. Speed vs. Continue Reading →
RIM announced that it’s tablet PC the PlayBook will natively support the installation of Android applications. The PlayBook’s operating system will support both BlackBerry and Android apps, offering users tons of options. Android seems to be making its way onto just about anything with a processor. Read the full article at Continue Reading →
iPad 2 Review
I’ve had my iPad 2 for almost two weeks now and I can say, without hesitation, it’s more fun than my iPad, but not by much. If you’re into the cosmetic and feature differences between the two devices, there is an excellent, geeky review on Cameras: The iPad 2 has two cameras. They both suck. Continue Reading →
Research in Motion announced that its long-awaiting tablet PC the PlayBook will hit store shelves starting April 19th. With the BlackBerry’s waning popularity, RIM hopes its tablet can bring back some customers. The PlayBook will cost you between $500-$700 and Best Buy has already begun taking pre-orders. Read the full article at Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] officially launched its app store for Google Android devices. By creating its own marketplace, Amazon can choose which apps make it to the store and better eliminate malicious programs. Developers might not me too happy though—Amazon will set the prices for the apps based on driving Continue Reading →
Verizon HTC Thunderbolt Review
Last week I wrote a love letter to AT&T’s 4G Motorola Atrix smartphone. It is awesome, powerful and extraordinary in every way. That was true last week and it’s still true. However, just the other day, Verizon handed me its new HTC Thunderbolt 4G handset to play with and, truth be told, I’m smitten. If Continue Reading →
Motorola Atrix Review
Since I got my first iPhone, I have been brutal to AT&T. I have often said, “I’ve never ended an AT&T iPhone call with goodbye … it’s always: Hello? Hello?” I was so happy to get my Verizon iPhone 4, it was going to be everything the AT&T iPhone wasn’t. Ahhh … but nothing is Continue Reading →