LG Display employees charged with stealing trade secrets from Samsung


LG Display on Tuesday announced that 11 people, including six of its own employees, have been charged with stealing advanced OLED TV display technology from Samsung, the Associated Press reported. Three of those charged were employees of Samsung Display at the time, and the alleged theft of OLED technology took place between 2010 and 2011. […]

Apple vs. Samsung

Samsung’s tablet ‘not as cool as iPad’


Samsung won a victory over Apple in the UK high court as part of its world-spanning battle over intellectual property and design after a judge ruled the design of its Galaxy Tab isn’t cool enough to be confused with an iPad. The ruling, by Judge Colin Birss, means that Apple cannot stop the import or […]

Windows RT Tablet

Samsung prepping Windows RT tablet for October launch, report claims

Samsung’s early involvement with Windows 8 tablets suggests that the South Korea-based consumer electronics giant intends to play a big role in the launch of the new OS — early Windows 8 tablet prototypes supplied by Microsoft to the press for review were built by Samsung — so it should come as no surprise that […]