Swallowable Pill Cam
Given Imaging Ltd. has won US approval for an ingestible pill camera that can help doctors screen the large intestine for early signs of colon cancer. The Israeli company’s technology uses a battery-powered camera to take high-speed photos of the intestinal tract over eight hours. The images are transmitted to a recording device on the Continue Reading →
Peanut Butter and Jellyfish
Jellyfish are popular attractions at aquariums, with their see-through bodies and floating lifestyle. Keeping hungry jellyfish fed, however, can be a challenge. Fish and shrimp-based protein sources can be expensive, inconvenient, and may ultimately be unsustainable. That’s why P. Zelda Montoya and Barrett L. Christie, two aquarists from the Dallas Zoo and Children’s Aquarium, decided Continue Reading →
Rosetta (Artist's Rendering)
Rosetta, the first spacecraft built to orbit a comet and land a probe on these icy nomads, is now waking up after more than two years of slumber, and videos filmed as part of an international competition will help greet the spacecraft after it awakens. Comets are some of the most primitive building blocks of Continue Reading →
Silver Nanowire Sensor
A clear, bandage-like sensor could eventually make everything from fabrics to our fingers smart. Dr. Yong Zhu and a team of North Carolina State University researchers created an ultra-thin, flexible sensor that could be used in clothing, on the body, any in other ordinary objects to track things like strain, pressure, human touch, and bioelectronic Continue Reading →
Middle and High School astronomy courses rely on visualization, particularly when it comes to seeing the “images” in constellations and orbital trajectories. This five app bunch is perfect for students who want to more clearly see the planets and stars, as well as learn the history, present and future of space programs. Gravity App ($7.99 iPad) Continue Reading →
Would a pocket-sized cholesterol monitor keep you from Super Sizing your next meal? Scientists from Cornell University have created the smartCARD, which lets you check your cholesterol through your iPhone. The smartCARD – which stands for smartphone Cholesterol Application for Rapid Diagnostics – clips onto the top of your phone over the camera. It features Continue Reading →
Facebook Chat
The Turing test is one of the oldest ideas for imagining machine intelligence. Dreamed-up by computing legend Alan Turing, the idea is genius in its simplicity — if the average person can’t distinguish a particular machine from a real person through conversation, then that machine is said to possess thought. Each year, chat bots are Continue Reading →
Epsilon Rocket
When The Space Shuttle was conceived, its mission was to make space flight “cheap.” (As these things go.) Original estimates had hoped that eventually the program would cost a frugal $50 million per launch. That dream was never realized, and in the end cost a total of $196 billion — an average of $450 million Continue Reading →
The Spark-Renault SRT_01E looks like it’d be at home on any Formula One track in the world, but this is a car with a different destiny: the all-electric Formula E series. Unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show this week, the SRT_01E from Spark Racing Technology will be zero-emission racing around cities worldwide this September. Continue Reading →